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Dog Dental Chews and Bones

When you choose a dental chew or bone from Zen Pet Supplies, you are doing your dog and you a huge favor. You’re providing your dog with lots of enjoyment, and your providing yourself some financial savings. The dental benefits of dog chews and bones cannot be argued. They help to clean a dog’s teeth, freshen his breath, and remove the buildup of plaque, which leads to tartar. Tartar can cause serious medical problems including bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay and loss. Investing a small amount of money in dog chew and bones once or twice a month will save you thousands in the long run in major dental work at the vet’s office. The Zen Pet Supplies’ online store currently has a number of effective, tasty, affordable dental bones and chews in our inventory. We encourage you to try a couple of different kinds to see which ones you think your pet enjoys the most or gets the most benefit from. If you choose one and it’s not a big hit, please come back and try another. We’re sure you’ll find one he loves.
Let’s take a look at some of the other benefits of choosing dental bones and chews from Zen Pet Supplies. Dogs that chew regularly tend to have less plaque build-up than dogs that do not chew. Some dental chews and bones can reduce plaque by nearly 70%! Have you noticed your furry buddy’s breath is a bit stale lately? Are you hesitant to kiss your pooch because of morning breath all day long? Give that dog a dental chew, and he’ll be smoochable again in no time. That slightly unpleasant smell in your dog’s mouth is the result of the build-up of bacteria and can be an indication his dental health needs some more attention. If you try a dental chew or dental bone, and your dog’s bad breath persists, you may want to make a vet appointment to make sure there’s not an underlying medical reason for your dog’s halitosis.

Zen Pet Supplies has it all when it come to dental treats for your dog. We have chips, sticks, bones, sprirals, rings, and twists to suit all tastes and styles. We have different flavors including all your dog’s favorites like peanut butter and liver (not together, of course!). For big dogs and small, young dogs and old, we have it all. Improve your dog’s breath and his dental health with some dental sticks today. Most dogs see this is a treat, so you can use the dental sticks as a dental aid and as a reward. If your dog just did some very impressive tricks or has been especially obedient and well-behaved today, throw him a bone—a dental bone from Zen Pet Supplies, that is!