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Dog Bones for Keeping Teeth Clean and Healthy

When it comes to dog bones, Zen Pet Supplies has all of your needs covered. We carry a number of tasty dog bones your pooch will love. We currently have a nice selection of different-sized and flavored dog bones to give your canine buddy hours upon hours of enjoyment, and there are dental benefits to gnawing on a bone when you’re of the canine persuasion. Simply put, chewing on chew bones is good for your dog's teeth. Many vets will tell you that a majority of the dental problems they see are due to dogs not chewing on enough hard objects, whether those hard objects be bones or toys. Chewing on dog bones helps scrape away plaque, which can cause bad breath and some serious dental problems like tooth decay and even tooth loss. Dog bones work by the action of the bone against the teeth, scraping away plaque and working to control tartar buildup. This will help to prevent periodontal disease and the yellowing of teeth. Real dog bones, pressed rawhide and Nylabone products are great for scraping teeth. These products help scape off difficult plaque and keeps exposed surfaces of the tooth smooth and more difficult for plaque to stick to.
Chewing on dog bones also help our canine friends to relieve stress, boredom, and anxiety. A dog bone will entertain your dog for hours, and bones keep your dog’s mind stimulated because they have something focus on. This is especially good for older dogs that can’t be as active as they once were. This is also good for dogs who are alone during the day while you work. Things can get pretty boring if you’re home alone all day with nothing to do but destroy furniture and chew Mommy’s new shoes.

As you shop Zen Pet Supplies for dog bones, be sure to consider the following: size, flavor and texture. These qualities are very important to your furry friends. After all, would you like to eat a liver and onions dinner if you hate the taste of live? Well, your dog has his likes and dislikes, too. For this reason, finding the perfect bone for him may be a bit of a trial and error experience at first. In no time at all, you’ll be able to figure out which bones your dog really likes. You also want to get bones that are the right size for your dog. Big dogs don’t always like big bones. If your dog is showing no interest in the bone you’ve chosen, try a smaller one. When it comes to texture, try a bone that’s of a harder texture if your dog is going through bones too quickly. Be sure to check out all the meat-flavored dog bones on sale now at Zen Pet Supplies.