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Desktop Aquariums

There are so many cool things about owning and caring for fish, and one of the greatest things is that you can determine how simple or complex you want your fish aquarium to be. You can start out small and grow your fish habitat over the course of many weeks, months and years, or if you’re a confident, experienced aquarist, you can start out big. The options are endless, and one of those options is what is called a “desktop aquarium,” which is exactly what the name indicates—it’s a fish tank that sits on top of a desk, dresser, or table, and is small enough that beginning aquarists can easily manage. If you have small children, a desktop fish tank is a great “beginner’s” tank, and it’s a hobby the whole family can enjoy. Zen Pet Supplies has a number of desktop fish tanks in our inventory, and they come in a number of really interesting shapes, sizes and designs.

If you’re looking to spruce up your office, a desktop fish tank is a great idea. Wouldn’t it be great, though, if we could keep all of our pets with us at work? Since the day that we can take our dog to work every day will probably never happen in most office environments, how about a pet fish to keep you entertained and relaxed at work? During the little bit of downtime you have at work, you can sit and watch your fish and relax into a Zen-like state to help all your worries go away. A desktop fish tank will make your home or office look great, and it will certainly be a conversation piece when clients come into your office. Due to the small size of most desktop aquariums, they don’t require a great deal of maintenance, so your fish will be OK while you’re away from the office. As long as you keep the tank clean, change the water, test the water for bacteria, pH level and the like and feed your fish, keeping a desktop aquarium should be a breeze.

According to research about office environments, a comfortable, stimulating and pleasant workplace can improve employee productivity, creativity and job satisfaction. Employers are actually taking steps to create better work environments by adding live plants and windows to office space. Another recent addition has been desktop aquariums because of the therapeutic benefits they provide employees. Think about how good you feel after a brisk walk in your neighborhood or with your pooch at the dog park. Think about how much joy your pets at home bring to you and your family. Employers are taking all of this into consideration and adding desktop aquariums to offices to boost employee morale and encourage creativity and productivity. It’s really a great idea, and employees are enjoying the effects that beautiful, peaceful fish tanks create. Experts say that contact with animals, plants and nature helps reduce stress and anxiety and lowers blood pressure. Desktop aquariums are ideal for an office environment because of their small size, easy mobility and simple maintenance. Our desktop tanks are priced affordably, so you may want to get more than one. If you have children and each of your kids wants his or her own pet, you can get two or three desktop fish tanks for your home or office, and sit back and enjoy your new aquarium. Please check out the cool desktop fish tanks available now at Zen Pet Supplies.