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Dog Cookies

Your pooch will really feel like a member of the family when he gets his very own bag of dog cookies from Zen Pet Supplies, sure to be his favorite treat from now on. You can offer dog cookies as a reward or just a yummy treat because you love your canine buddy so much. Just be sure you don’t give your pet too many of these delicious dog cookies because no more than 10% of your dog’s daily calories should come from treats like dog cookies. One way to make sure you don’t “over treat” your dog is to reserve treats for rewards. When your dog does an exceptionally good job with tricks or obeys on the first command, toss him a treat, but don’t overdo it on handing out dog cookies to your pooch. He could quickly gain weight due to taking in too many calories. Pets gain weight just like humans do. If they take in too many calories and are not burning those calories, they will gain weight just like their human family members.
Dog cookies from Zen Pet Supplies come in a variety of flavors. The best way to know which ones your dog loves the most is to buy one of each! If you can’t buy each flavor, then just pick one to start—we’re sure he’ll like it. Maybe when that bag of cookies is almost finished, you can try a second flavor and see if he likes it more or less. You can do this until you get through all of our flavors: Peanut butter, S’mores, and Vanilla. Our dog cookies even look like human cookies, so be sure the kids don’t reach for the dog’s treats instead of their own!

The dog cookies available now at Zen Pet Supplies are made from natural, kosher ingredients and are free of animal proteins, animal parts, animal bi-products and fillers. While the dog treats in our inventory are not organic, they are made from natural ingredients that are safe and healthy for your dog. While some people choose to back their own dog cookies, we enjoy the convenience of simply getting online, clicking the mouse a few times, putting in payment information and looking for the dog cookies in the mail. Your dog will thank you when his special package arrives! If you are looking for a specific type of dog cookie but don’t see it on the Zen Pet Supplies website, please check back soon because we update our inventory on a regular basis. What you’re looking for may arrive at the warehouses any day now!