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Compact and Halide Lighting for Fish Aquariums

One of the most exciting aspects of being a pet owner is setting up your new family member’s habitat. Whether your pet is four-legged, winged, feathered, or gilled, setting up a new habitat is so much fun and something that needs to be done before your pet arrives at your home. We recommend getting all, or at least most of the supplies you’ll need to create an ideal habitat for your new addition to the family. When it comes to fish, it’s important to set up their aquarium so when you bring them home, you can simply place them in the tank and let them swim. Proper lighting is one of the most essential parts of setting up a fish tank; lighting not only allows you to see your fish, but it helps keep plant and animal life alive in your fish tank. Zen Pet Supplies has a large selection of fish tank lighting including compact fluorescent and metal halide lights many people seem to prefer for their aquariums.

Compact fluorescents are higher light output versions of standard fluorescent lights, and instead of single tube lights, compact fluorescent lighting incorporates dual or quad tube-shaped bulbs for greater light output. A single compact fluorescent light fixture easily does the job of two standard fluorescent fixtures. Compact fluorescent light systems are just as easy to operate and maintain as standard fluorescent light systems. Compact fluorescent lighting systems are very easy to work, and since they are a type of fluorescent light system, they provide the many benefits of fluorescent lighting including low operating cost, lower heat emission, and they come in a large selection of bulbs with color temperatures ideal for both freshwater and marine fish.

Metal halide systems are high intensity discharge (HID) lighting systems popular among experienced aquarists. Metal halide bulbs are made of a main glass bulb with a series of wires connecting another glass bulb (called the “arc tube”) within it. When electricity passes through the arc tube, the gases and metal salts contained in the tube produce light. Unlike other high intensity discharge lighting systems, the light spectrum produced by metal halides is perfect for use in fish aquariums. Metal halide lights are also used for very large aquariums or aquariums deeper than 24 inches where other lighting systems may not be strong enough to provide adequate light. Zen Pet Supplies has a good selection of compact fluorescent lights and metal halide lights right here on our website. Please browse all of our fish tank lighting and let us know if you can’t find what you need.