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Watering Supplies for Pet Chinchillas

Like every single living thing, chinchillas need water, and because they can’t tell you when they’re thirsty, it’s important to provide an endless supply of fresh water in your chinchilla’s cage. No matter how busy you are, you cannot let the water supply for your pet ever stop, so if you work long hours and/or have tons of responsibilities that take you outside of the home, be sure you check your pet’s water supply before heading out. With so many small, medium and large chinchilla water bottles on the market today, you can choose the one(s) you think will work best for your schedule, your chinchilla, and the cage he’s housed in. Zen Pet Supplies has over sixty different water bottles that can be used for chinchillas and other small animals. Regardless of the size, shape or design, you’ll find a chinchilla water bottle ideal for your little guy right here in our online store.
A chinchilla's water bottle doesn’t have to be super big. In fact, many people choose a water bottle for mice for their chinchillas. A water bottle that you would use for a mouse will be appropriate especially as you will be changing the water daily. The most common type of chinchilla water bottle is one that has a ballpoint tube because it prevents water from leaking out of the bottle. This type of water bottle is referred to as a “gravity bottle.” Fresh water must be provided to your chinchilla every day to help prevent dehydration and constipation. Chinchillas generally drink between 15-30 milliliters of water daily, so it’s recommended that you provide at least 50-60 milliliters of fresh water every day; if you’re late for work and forget the water, you should contact an adult in the home to put fresh water in the bottle.

For Chinchillas, tap water is not recommended as it contains chemicals, be harmful to your furry friend over time. The best and cheapest water to use is boiled tap water that has been left to cool and then add it to the hanging water bottle. The chinchilla's water bottle will most often be hung on the outside of the chinchilla cage to prevent chewing and leaks; however, we do carry chew-proof water bottles that allow you to put the bottle anywhere you like. Water bottles must be cleaned every day with a mild dish soap, and be sure to clean the cap and nozzle. A bottle brush (that you would buy for baby bottles) allows you to easily clean the very bottom of the bottle, which helps eliminate the build up of harmful bacteria. If you’re kind of a novice when it comes to caring for chinchilla, please read about how important it is to keep your chinchilla dry. You should never put a bowl of water in your chinchilla’s cage; wet chinchilla fur will allow bacteria to grow, and the bacteria buildup can be very harmful to your adorable, beloved, furry pet. Please check out the large selection of chinchilla water bottles at Zen Pet Supplies today.