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Chinchilla Toys

Dogs and cats are not the only furry friends that like to play. For hours and hours, chinchilla will play by themselves, their cage mates and their human owners. If you’re a chinchilla owner or about to bring home your first pet chinchilla, you are in for a treat especially if you’re home a lot and have time to play with your furry buddies. Chinchillas love toys, and they will want to play. But, most importantly, they will want to chew. All rodents and similar animals have a natural instinct to chew, and when these animals are taken out of their natural habitat and placed in human hands, it’s our responsibility to provide them everything they need right in your home. And that means you have to provide plenty of opportunities and objects for your chinchilla to chew on and play with. That’s where we come in. Zen Pet Supplies has a great selection of chinchilla toys you’ll both love.
Chinchillas, like all rodents, need to chew because it keeps their teeth from growing improperly. Rodent teeth grow all the time, so if they’re not worn down by constant chewing they will grow much too long and cause pain and other problems. There is a variety of material, shapes and flavors of toys for Chinchillas, and it may be a trial and error search to find out which toys work are favored by your particular furry pal. Switching it up from time to time and providing a variety of chew toys will make it a more fun for them. You may even want to try a variety of hard and soft toys for your pet chinchilla.

In our current inventory, you will find a nature ball in different sizes, a pumice block chew toy, a corn ball chew toy, a skewer toy, a willow branch ball, a hay ball with a bell, a woven willow chew toy, and a nut knot nibbler, which just sounds like a ton of fun! What’s really cool about our chinchilla toys for you caretakers out there is that many of these toys are super inexpensive. You will find many of them are under $10 and even $5 each at Zen Pet Supplies. There’s no need to spend a great deal of money on toys for your chinchilla, and low cost means you can buy more. Pets need a variety of toys to keep them physically and mentally stimulated. If you’re looking for a particular chinchilla toy and don’t see it here, please check back soon because we add to our inventory, or you can contact us via the website. We’ll try to find exactly what you’re looking for.