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Chinchilla Chews

If you have visited our website in the past, you know we’re a big advocate of providing all of your pets the dental attention they need to keep their teeth and gums healthy throughout their lifespans. Just like with humans, poor dental health can lead to a variety of serious medical problems including heart disease. Even non-traditional pets like rodents, rabbits, gerbils and chinchillas require dental care over their lifetimes. You can help your pet’s dental health by offering tasty dental chews that will not only provide your pet plenty of gnawing activity, but you will also give him the added benefits that dental chews provide (cleaning the teeth and keeping gums pink and healthy). If you own a chinchilla, please check out the large selection of chinchilla dental chews in the Zen Pet Supplies’ online store. Many of these products are under $5, and this small investment will help to provide a lifetime of good dental health for your pet.
Chinchillas commonly have 20 teeth from birth (four incisor teeth and 16 molar-type teeth, also known as “cheek teeth”). The upper incisor teeth usually have a right angle indentation, and the lower teeth are ground down to a point. Only about one third of the length of the incisor teeth is exposed from the jaw and all teeth are open rooted, which means they continuously grow approximately 2-3 inches a year throughout the chinchilla's lifespan. The incisors and molars are also separated by a gap known as the “diastema,” which enables a chinchilla to control what food is swallowed or expelled out from the mouth cavity. That’s a lot of teeth to take care of and that’s where dental chews and treats come in!

There is a hard layer of enamel over each tooth, which is made up of iron, calcium, phosphorus and other trace minerals. A normal healthy chinchilla should have dark orange teeth and anything less than this may likely indicate a calcium deficiency. The color of the chinchilla's tooth enamel is important as it shows a direct correlation to the amount of calcium a chinchilla has in its body and the potential risk of future tooth disorders. Many of the dental chews and treats available at Zen Pet Supplies provide your pet chinchilla calcium and other minerals that are essential for good dental health. Not only are the dental chews and treats in our inventory a tasty treat for your non-traditional pet chinchilla, but they also help your furry buddy maintain a strong and healthy set of choppers. Please check out the selection of chinchilla dental chews and treats available now at Zen Pet Supplies.