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Dog Chews

If you’ve been browsing the Zen Pet Supplies website, you’ve probably noticed that we carry a number of dog chews and dog bones. There are many reasons why we carry so many of these products; one main reason is that they are incredibly popular because dogs just love to chew. A dog will chew for hours on end if he has a dog bone or dog chew that tastes good and that is the right size and texture for him. In addition to providing your dog a tasty, enjoyable experience, the benefits of dog chews are numerous. Chew actually reduces boredom, stress and anxiety in dogs, which will help to relieve your anxiety and stress, too! Also, dog chews provide dogs mental and physical stimulation. When dogs have something to chew on that’s fun and tasty, they will be less likely to chew on things that they shouldn’t chew on, like shoes, furniture, pillows and other items in the home that are off limits.
Dog chews will also do wonders for your dog’s dental health. Good dental health is crucial to your dog’s overall health and well-being. Poor dental health could lead to serious medical problems in addition to major dental problems. Dog chews allow your dog to safely and naturally remove plaque build-up on his teeth. When plaque builds up and is not removed naturally or by a veterinarian, tartar can develop. Tartar can be extremely stubborn and difficult to remove, and untreated tartar can lead to periodontal disease, tooth decay and even tooth loss. Tartar and other serious dental problems can also lead to heart disease and other problems with your dog’s major organs. Dental health is simply not something that can be neglected. If you don’t care to brush your dog’s teeth or are a little behind on his check-ups, you can get him a dog chew from Zen Pet Supplies today to get a start on that plaque removal. Your dog will love the great taste, and you will love that you don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on dental care at your vet’s office.

Currently, we carry chicken, beef and buffalo flavored dog chews, and we update our inventory on a regular basis. We may add to that list of flavors we carry in the future. We carry chews in a variety of sizes; be sure to choose the right size for your dog. By choosing different shapes and flavors of dog chews, you will ensure your dog doesn’t get bored with his dog chews. Just think about how much he’ll enjoy settling in for a couple of hours on his new favorite dog chew! And, a bonus is that he’ll be improving his dental health at the very same time. You can’t go wrong with dog chews from Zen Pet Supplies, so please order today.