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Ceramic Reptile Heaters

If you’re the new owner of a pet reptile or amphibian, or if you’re preparing to bring home a new pet lizard, snake, turtle, tortoise, frog or some other such fascinating creature, welcome to the wild, wonderful world of reptile ownership! You will get years of enjoyment out of your pet and the amazingly gratifying feeling that caring for another living thing provides. If you own a dog or cat, you know you can bring those precious little guys home at a moment’s notice and have a family member love on him while you run out and get what you need for his first few days in your home, but with reptiles, there’s a bit more to it than that. You must set up your reptile’s habitat before his arrival in your home to help make the transition smoother and less stressful. After all, you can’t really allow your reptile to crawl around the house and play with the kids while you spend hours (or days!) setting up his habitat. One piece of equipment most reptiles need is a heater, and Zen Pet Supplies carries a number of different reptile ceramic heaters that will help create an environment similar to the one he lived in while in the wild.
Unlike their canine and feline counterparts, pet reptiles require quite a bit more research when it comes to setting up their habitat. And one crucial thing to know about reptiles (and amphibians) is that each species requires a very particular type of environment. You can’t just pick any terrarium and some accessories and think you’re good to go. Reptiles require very specific temperature, lighting, and humidity levels, which vary from species to species. For this reason, there are a number of different reptile heaters on the market today. One such heater is known as a ceramic heater (or an above-tank heater). If you read our page on reptile heaters, you’ll see some of the information repeated here, but you can never get too much information when it comes to creating an ideal habitat for your pet reptile.

Ceramic reptile heaters provide a radiant heat source and create a natural sun-like heat in the terrarium. The type of heat emitted by the ceramic heater will warm reptiles and boost the ambient air-temperature in the terrarium. The infrared heat emitted from ceramic heaters penetrates the scales and skin of your reptile, which promotes good healing and overall good health. Heat from these units widens the blood vessels, and your reptile’s circulation will increase. Also, these heaters provide your reptile the heat he needs overnight, and these devices provide heat to your reptile's enclosure overnight safely because no visible UV rays are emitted with this type of reptile heater. In our current inventory, we carry ceramic coil heaters of 60 and 100 watts, and we even have a 150-watt heat emitting ceramic coil made for 50 to 100-gallon terrariums. Because we update our inventory on a regular basis, you may find other types of heating units here on our website if you check back in a few weeks. Be sure to do your homework before buying any type of reptile heater from Zen Pet Supplies because different species require different heating sources.