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Hermit Crab Supplies

  • Bedding / Substrate

    Give your hermit crab the highest quality bedding on the market.  Keep their habitat looking and smelling fresh.
  • Books

    Learn more about hermit crabs. Our books are great for the beginning to advanced Hermit Crab enthusiast.
  • Dishes

    Give your little hermit crab a stylish and durable bowl to eat / drink that is easy to clean.  Shop a variety of colors.
  • Food

    Give your hermit crab all the nutrients to provide a long and healthy life.  Shop now and save on hermit crab food.
  • Habitat

    Provide your hermit crab with all the comforts of home.  Shop and save on a large variety of habitats.
  • Shells

    As Hermit Crabs grow, they need larger shells to change into. Always keep extra shells in their enclosure.
  • Thermometers

    High range LCD thermometer for monitoring the temperature in your crabs' terrarium. Shop now and save.
  • Treats

    All natural hermit crab treats. Add some variety to your scavenger's diet! Shop now and save.
  • Watering

    Keep your hermit crab hydrated.  Our hermit crab watering sponges ensure constant hydration while your away.  Shop now and save.