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Small Pet Grooming Tools

  • Bath Tubs

    Designed for the interesting and unique sand bathing behaviors of Pet Chinchillas. Give your little one all the tools to keep them groomed.
  • Deshedder / Brush

    Just like your dog or cat, your small animal love to be groomed.  Now you can easily keep your furry friend feeling and looking great.
  • Dust Bath

    Chinchilla Bath Sand is a superior alternative to the traditional chinchilla dust because its virtually dust free.
  • Nail Clippers

    It time for your manicure!  At least that is what they'll be thinking.  Our small animal nail trimmers will keep them looking perfectly groomed.
  • Shampoo

    Gentle, tearless critter shampoo cleans, conditions, and deodorizes bunnies, guinea pigs, hamsters and pet rats. Long-lasting and leaves your furry friend smelling as fresh as a baby!
  • Skin / Coat Spray

    No matter what small animal you have in your home, we have the best quality skin / coat sprays and shampoos to keep your little one looking fabulous!