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Why not take your feline friend for a stroll around the block just as you would your dog or child? With cat strollers from Zen Pet Supplies, you can take your cat with you while you get exercise or run errands with the kids. Cat strollers keep kitty safe and secure while providing plenty of storage space for any essentials you'll need while you're outside with your cat.

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KWPSAW79.jpg KWPSAW79 Kittywalk Original Stroller All Weather Gear
Retail Price: $116.94
Sales Price: $89.95
Savings: $26.99
SUV Stroller All Weather Gear
Retail Price: $129.94
Sales Price: $99.95
Savings: $29.99
Kittywalk Double Decker Pet Stroller Striped
Retail Price: $311.94
Sales Price: $272.95
Savings: $38.99
Kittywalk Flying Stroller
Retail Price: $359.99
Sales Price: $314.99
Savings: $45.00

Indoor cats are often safer than outdoor cats as they are not exposed to predators, cars and other outdoor dangers that outdoor cats may encounter. But indoor cats sometimes lose out on the wonderful stimulation that the great outdoors provide.

If you have ever watched an outdoor cat, you'll see that they can spend hours on end crouching under a tree taking in all of their surroundings. Cat strollers from Zen Pet Supplies allow you to replicate that experience with mesh-enclosed confines all around the stroller. Your cat will feel totally safe because he will be able to see what's going on around him, and you can relax, walk, read a book or hang out at the park and play with the kids while your cat enjoys fresh air, warm temperatures and the visual stimulation that surrounds him.