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Cat Scratching Posts

Cats love to scratch. It’s in their nature to lay those long, sharp claws into any challenging object that intrigues them. If you have one or more cats living at home, you know much time a cat will spend scratching on furniture, doors, windows, and anything else he can get his paws on. A cat’s need to scratch is what led to cat scratching posts, made of materials cats are naturally drawn to scratch. Zen Pet Supplies has a large inventory of cat posts for scratching in a variety of shapes, sizes and heights. Some of our cat scratching posts have levels that your cat can jump onto and feel like he’s the king of the mountain. Many of the cat scratching posts from Zen Pet supplies have tunnels for your cat to burrow through to get to the other end. Cats never get bored with scratching, so save your furniture and shoes and choose a cat scratching post from Zen Pet Supplies today.
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Cat Scratching Post Combo Platform Combo Scratching Platform
Retail Price: $71.49
Sales Price: $54.99
Savings: $16.50
Midwest Catitude Carnival Cat Furniture
Retail Price: $76.80
Sales Price: $67.20
Savings: $9.60
There are many other benefits of cat posts: Cat scratching posts help keep your cat’s claws in proper shape, it’s great exercise and a good stress reducer. Scratching a post gives the cat both mental/intellectual stimulation and physical stimulation. A healthy cat is a cat that is able to scratch without fear of being punished, so we suggest all cat lovers get a post or two for their cat’s overall health and wellbeing and his enjoyment.

For those of you who own more than one cat, please take note. Our feline friends tend to convene at the primary scratching post out of mutual interest--all cats are intrigued by scratching posts, which makes the cat scratching posts a meeting point, or a place for your cats to convene for play and interaction. A cat scratching post is a great tool to use to get cats in the same household to interact in a positive manner. If you’ve recently brought home a kitten, you may need to know that scratching posts are a great place for young kittens to expend their energy. It’s a pretty strenuous activity to scratch so quickly and for so long. Also, because scratching reduces stress, cat scratching posts will help your kitten transition from his first home to his new home. He’ll go to town on that post in the first few months of his life—this is good for him physically and mentally. Please browse our website for cat scratching posts and similar items like perches, trees and houses for our feline friends.