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Beds, Litter Boxes, Cat Trees, Toys and More!

Whether you have a new kitten that’s full of energy, or a feline that’s full of “zen”, Zen Pet has all of the supplies you’ll ever need for your feline friend. Shop through our selection of kitty beds that is sure to lull your cat off to a cozy nap time whether your cat is small or hefty, we offer kitty owners approximately 20 selections of decorative cat beds that are sure to match your home’s décor.

Zen Pet Supplies carries an extensive line of cat supplies and products including playgrounds / trees / jungle gyms, litter boxes, treats, grooming items and flea/tick control. Whether you have a brand new kitten that is full of mischief and energy, or an older cat that spends much of the day lounging around, we are your go-to cat supply destination.

  • Beds

    Shop a large selection of cat beds. They come in many colors, materials and sizes. Shop and Save!

  • Collars and Leads

    Beautifully designed to release when a cat's collar gets caught- allowing it to slip free.  Keep your cat safe with a Safe Cat Breakaway Collar.
  • Containment

    Shop cages, playpens and cat carriers. Keep your kitty safe in pre-determined areas. Save now.

  • Doors

    Check out the great selection of cat doors at Zen Pet Supplies today.

  • Feeding and Watering

    Express yourself and capture the heartfelt way you feel about your cat. Sophisticated blends of fashion and function. Shop now and save on cat bowls.
  • Flea and Tick

    Flea and tick products. Safe, Secure and Effective. Promotes a healthy and happy cat.

  • Food

    Feed your kitty our natural, super-premium food.  Our cat food ingredients have been carefully chosen for its nutritional benefits for a healthy life.
  • Furniture

    Our stylish cat furniture presents a clean, simple design to complement most any decor. A stylish alternative to ugly cat towers!
  • Grooming

    Large selection of cat grooming products. Promote a healthy skin and coat.

  • Health and Wellness

    Shop and save on all the cat health and wellness products including medications, shampoos, vitamins and supplements.  
  • Houses

    Your cat will love his own private little hideaway. Prove a Safe, Durable and Comfortable place for your feline friend to relax.

  • Litter and Waste Disposal

    Shop a wide variety of cat litter boxes. Stylish, Eliminates Odors, Easy-to-Clean and Affordable.

  • Outdoor Furniture

    If you're thinking about getting a cat or have a cat and don't have cat furniture, be sure to shop online at Zen Pet Supplies today.

  • Pet Video Camera

    Ever wonder what kind of shenanigans your kitty get's up too while you're away? Purchase our kitty video cameras and always have your kitty in view.
  • Repellent Sprays And Deterrents

    Stay off furniture, draperies, counters, table tops and more. Keep cats away from houseplants, outdoor plants and other undesirable areas.
  • Scratching Posts

    Keep your homes furniture looking like new.  Buy a cat scratching post and keep your kitties claws in prime condition.  Shop now and save.
  • Stain and Odor Removers

    Keep your house smelling fresh. Our stain and odor removers will remove the smell of urine and other unwanted odors out.
  • Toys

    Keep your tabby friends entertained for hours. Shop a wide variety of cat toys sure to impress and captivate any kitty cat.

  • Travel

    Facilitate transportation with easy accessibility, interior tether, and rear pouches for small storage.
  • Treats

    Healthy, all natural cat treats sure keep your kitty happy and healthy.  Show them how much you love them with kitty treats from Zen Pet Supplies.
  • Strollers

    Shop online at Zen Pet Supplies today and find a cat stroller your pet will love.

  • Tree / Playground

    What cat doesn't like to climb? Keep your feline friend entertained for hours! Shop Zen Pet Supplies and save.

Shop from our selection of cat collar and leashes, or spoil your kitty with one of our Kittywalk strollers. You’ll be sure to need a cat carrier for the cat who loves to travel! As finicky as your furry pet can be, you’ll only want to shop from the best food selection. Shop from the comfort from your own home while supplying your cat with the best food with just one click. Of course, you can’t have a cat without the proper kitty litter supplies. Turn your kitten’s litter box into a spa! Zen Pet’s wide selection of automatic litter boxes, boxes with rims and domes, litter box covers and liners, litter box filters, pan filters, litter mats, and of course your traditional litter box for times when you need to drop your cat off at the sitter. You can keep your indoor cat safely secure in a selection of our kitty outdoor furniture too. Zen Pet will ship your Kittywalk outdoor cat enclosure, cat gazebo, cat clubhouse, cat carousel, cat ferris wheel, or cat teepee enclosure right to your doorstep. Find all of your kitty needs here from cat collars, products for flea and tick control, scratching posts, cat trees, kitty grooming accessories, to kitty toys.

You will love our large selection of cat furniture including cat beds, cat houses and cat containment products. Keep your kitty entertained for hours with interactive cat toys from Zen. When it comes to your cat's physical health, Zen Pet Supplies has a large variety of grooming products and flea/tick control products. Make sure your cat is a healthy, happy cat by providing him the highest quality furniture, treats and health essentials on the market. We have the cat supplies and products you need at the prices you want. Shop our site for everything you need for your feline friends.