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Cat Perches

Anyone who knows cats knows how much they like to climb. It's part of their nature to climb, jump and perch, so cat perches from Zen Pet Supplies would make an excellent addition to your cat's favorite play area. The benefits of cat furniture such as perches are endless. The most obvious benefits of cat perches include providing exercise for your kitty, giving them a place to scratch and run other than your lovely furniture and enhancing their mood by keeping them actively engaged in activity.

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Cat Furniture Perch - Leopard Print Deluxe Kitty Sill with Bolster Leopard
List Price: $48.87
Retail Price: $46.03
Sales Price: $35.41
Savings: $13.46

Cats who sit around all day and don't have cat furniture to play on tend to grow overweight, which can eventually contribute to various conditions such as arthritis and heart problems. Zen Pet Supplies has an extensive selection of cat furniture, including cat perches that will look great in your home because of their neutral colors. If you don't meet you cat's instinctual need to jump, climb, hide and chase, he may take out stress, tension and aggression on your furniture.

Because cats love to climb high, a cat perch from Zen allows your cat to climb to the highest part in the room and provides your kitty the stimulation he requires. Perching high above her surroundings also gives a cat security knowing what lies all around her.