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Cat Litter Box Mats

If you’ve recently added a cat or kitten to your family, congratulations! There’s nothing more rewarding than bringing home a new addition to the family to love and care for. Since you’re here on the Zen Pet Supplies website, we hope you’re finding everything you need for all of your pets. You’ll see that we have a large selection of everything you’ll need for your feline friend including cat litter boxes, kitty litter, litter box liners and even litter box mats. Our products are effective and affordable, and the great thing about shopping at Zen Pet Supplies is we are your one-stop shop for all your pets’ needs. If you are looking for a particular item for your cat or a certain litter box mat we don’t carry, please contact us or check back soon because we update our pet product inventory on a regular basis. What you’re looking for may arrive any day now!
Why would you need a cat litter box mat? Well, you experienced cat lovers out there can attest to the fact that when not properly maintained, litter boxes can get messy and smelly. But when litter boxes are well maintained, they don’t smell bad at all, and cats are much more inclined to use their litter box when it’s clean and smells fresh. Litter box catcher mats are designed to remove litter particles caught in cats paws—the very same litter particles that can get tracked all over your house, which no one wants to deal with. Litter box mats make for easy cleanup and make for a clean litter box environment.

Zen Pet Supplies has litter box mats that are large enough to allow for a perimeter around your entire litter box. Simply lift the box when it’s time to clean the mat and wipe it clean. You can even take it outside and hose it off. Let it air dry, and in no time at all, your kitty’s litter box area is clean and fresh again. Zen Pet Supplies cat litter box mats come in neutral colors, so they’re more likely to match your existing home’s décor. You’ll see our mats come in various sizes and shapes, so hopefully you’ll find one that suits your cat just fine. We have one extra large cat litter box mat that measures 47”x 32”. If you don’t see what you’re looking for today, please check back soon because we may have gotten more cat litter box mats in since you last visited our website.