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Cat Litter Box Filters

Bringing home a cat from a rescue or shelter is such a rewarding, exciting experience, and as a new cat owner (or an experienced owner), there are many products and supplies you’ll have to get so your cat can enjoy a long, healthy, happy life in an environment that makes him feel comfortable. Zen Pet Supplies has all the supplies you need for a kitten or cat, and our selection is big and our prices are affordable. Every cat owner must have a litter box, cat litter, and litter box filters. Litter box filters remove cat litter box odors and help to keep the cat litter box area clean and fresh smelling. Many of the cat filters available now at Zen Pet Supplies will last up to three months, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money on cat filters. Some of our charcoal cat litter filters absorb odors for up to six months, so a two-pack container will last an entire year. You need not spend a lot of money on cat litter box filters at Zen Pet Supplies.
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Cat Littler Box Carbon Filters - 6 Pack 1400012738 Our Pets Carbon Filters 6 pack
Retail Price: $15.59
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Many newer forms of cat litters are less appealing to cats because they have very different textures or odors from sand or dirt. One our cat litter product page we explained that cats evolved in the desert using sand and soil for eliminating waste. Because of this, most cats prefer litter that has a smell, texture and consistency to sand and soil, which is why potted plants are so very attractive to them for waste elimination. Knowing about and understanding how your cat reacts to cat litter, litter filters and litter boxes will help you know what to buy. Charcoal is an ingredient in many cat litter box filters because it does an amazing job of trapping and eliminating odors from cat waste. Charcoal and other types of cat litter box filters can eliminate odors for as many as three to six months.

Some enclosed litter boxes come with slots in the cover for inserting a carbon cat litter filter. The filters to fit these slots are usually in the form of cassettes with a plastic frame and carbon placed between two pieces of sheer material. Since they sit directly on the top of the litter box cover, they trap odors arising from the litter. The universal design of our cat litter box filters allows them to fit all litter boxes. So, if you change litter boxes and have filters leftover, you don’t have to worry about losing the money you spend on the filters. If you are looking for a specific type of cat litter box filter and don’t see it on the Zen Pet Supplies website, please contact us or check back soon. We update our animal product inventory on a regular basis, so what you’re looking for may arrive any day now.