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Cat Litter Boxes with Domes

There’s always been a great debate about whether or not you should have a dome over your cat’s litter box. We’re going to leave that decision up to. Some people claim that putting a dome over a litter box traps in odors and is unpleasant for your cat to use when covered. Others claim that the dome provides the privacy your cat desires and keeps any odors from leaving the litter box and traveling throughout the home. If you change your cat’s litter box as frequently as you should, odor should never, ever be a problem. Because we can understand both sides of the debate, Zen Pet Supplies has many different types of cat litter boxes, those with domes and those without domes, so you can decide for yourself which is best for your cat(s) and your home. Let’s take a look at some of the cat litter boxes with domes on sale now at Zen Pet Supplies.
In our current inventory, we have covered (domed) cat litter boxes in number of different sizes, shapes and colors. We have neutral colors that will blend right into most home décor styles, and we have brightly colored dome litter boxes that are sure to stand out. It’s all a matter of taste. There is one instance that not using a dome over the litter box is a must and that’s if your beloved kitty or cat is relieving herself out of the litter box. At that time, try removing the dome as this often stops that problem immediately. Those in favor of domed litter boxes make some valid points, though. If you place the litter box in an appropriate place, adequately train your cat to use it, and clean the box frequently, problems using a domed litter box will be eliminated most likely.

Some cats are just fine eliminating in an enclosed space, while some are very demanding that they see what’s around them. If you have a young, spry cats running around the home, a domed litter box will be just fine. However, if your have older or timid cats, they may be fearful of the domed litter box. You can try a domed litter box with more than one cat, but sometimes territory becomes an issue, and the cats feel they must be able to see around them while they relieve themselves. Many cats do use covered boxes, even though they are not too happy about it. If you see that your cat is meowing or hesitating before entering the litter, digging the litter too long, peeing with part of his body outside of the box and similar behaviors, it’s safe to assume your cat doesn’t want the dome. An alternative to a domed litter box is one with high rims, which we also carry at Zen Pet Supplies, so be sure to check that type of cat litter box out, also, as you browse our website. And remember, if you buy a hooded (domed) litter box and realize it’s not right for your cat, just remove the dome and use the box.