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Cat Litter Box Cleaning and Odor Control

It's very important to keep your cat's litter box clean and odor free for your furry companion's comfort and for the comfort of your family. Zen Pet Supplies carries high quality litter box cleaner/odor control products that break down your cat's airborne and hard surface litter box odors for a fresh, clean environment for you and your pussycat. Rather than simply masking odors, our products actually break odors down, regardless of whether the odors emanate from the litter box or elsewhere.
Cat litter box odor control products work with break-down enzymes that are dormant while the litter is dry but activated when liquid and solid waste are present. All you have to do is spray the odor control product on the area you want to freshen, and in seconds, your feline's litter box and surrounding area will smell clean and fresh. This litter box odor control product from Zen Pet Supplies comes in a catnip scent to encourage your cat to use the litter box. Use litter box cleaner/odor control products from Zen Pet Supplies once a day, and you and your pussycat will enjoy an odor-free, pleasant-smelling environment all day long.