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Cat Furniture

Cats love to climb, scratch, perch and jump, and as cat owners, it’s our responsibility to provide our feline friends opportunities to act on their natural instincts to jump up on high surfaces and explore. Climbing and jumping also provide your cat some exercise, which will affect his overall health and wellbeing. An active, playful cat makes for a happy cat and a happy cat owner. Let’s take a look at just some of the different types of cat furniture available now at Zen Pet Supplies, your go-to online store for everything animal related. We currently have the following different types of cat furniture in our inventory: Cat trees, hanging houses, ground-level houses, perches and scratching posts. Keep in mind that we update our inventory on a regular basis, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for, simply check back at a later time and it may be available then.
  • Cat Trees

    Feline fur babies can live it up in style with our cat trees. Lounge, stretch, play and scratch, these are the days of their lives.
  • Hanging Houses

    Hang tight.  Your hanging kitty house is on its way. Give your kitty a safe and comfortable place to call home.  
  • Houses

    Provide your kitty with all the comforts of home.  Shop and save on durable, stylish and comfortable cat houses.
  • Perches

    Everyone like to lounge around.  Especially your kitty. Give your cat a stylish and comfortable cat perch.
  • Scratching Posts

    Save your furniture without compromising the style of your home.  Your kitty will love a place to call their own and scratch away.
We have cat trees, hanging houses, scratching posts and lower-level houses in just about every size and shape made today. Our cat trees have multiple levels allowing your furry buddy to jump from spot to spot to get to the summit. We even have cat trees with hanging toys to make your cat’s climbing adventures even more fun and challenging by adding a hanging ball into the mix. Our cat trees are made from ultra-soft faux fur and are durable—built to last for years. If your cat is not a big fan of heights, we have shorter cat trees ideal for timid felines. The height of one of the levels is perfect for gazing at birds from the window, while the slightly higher platform area is great for a catnap. Because the pillars are made of sisal rope, you know your cat trees and posts will last a very long time even when surrounded by many cats who will attack it day after day.

You’ll really like the scratching posts available at Zen Pet Supplies. They come with and without tunnels and with or without hanging toys to swat at. You can get a basic scratching post for around $20 or so, and many of our cat furniture inventory is priced affordably. Made with high-quality materials and designed to take on the toughest claws, cat furniture from Zen Pet Supplies is sure to impress. Be sure to check out the cat trees, cat houses (upper levels and lower levels), perches and scratching posts on sale now at Zen.