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Cat Dental Products

The reasons to take good care of your cat’s oral/dental health are endless. Just like dogs, cats must see a vet on a regular basis to have their teeth and gums checked. A healthy set of teeth means your cat’s breath will smell better, and good dental hygiene will help contribute to your cat’s overall health and well-being. Teeth and gums that are neglected will affect your cat’s general health. Poor dental health and hygiene can lead to serious medical problems like heart disease. Experts say that 4 out of 5 cats over the age of three years have some sort of periodontal disease, and periodontal disease can lead to tooth and gum decay, gingivitis and even tooth/jawbone loss. There are many things you can do—in addition to regular vet visits—to make sure your feline friends’ teeth and gums are healthy. Let’s take a look at some cat dental products available now at Zen Pet Supplies.
We carry a large variety of dental chews, dental kits, dental sprays, dental wipes, plaque removal tools, tartar control tools, toothbrushes, toothpastes, and whitening agents for cats (and dogs). Whitening agents may sound a bit extravagant for your kitty, but why shouldn’t you treat your cat to the very best products on the market today. Her teeth will sparkle, and they will be cleaner than ever before in no time at all. If you are interested in providing your cat with basic dental care, a good toothbrush, toothpaste and maybe some dental chews may be all you need when you first bring home your kitten. If you’re interested in more advanced dental care, be sure to check out dental sprays, plaque removal agents and teeth whitening options, too.

One brand we have is “Smelly Cat,” and if you’re a fan of the iconic sit-com “Friends,” you may be thinking of Phoebe in Central Perk singing about a smelly cat and asking “What are they feeding you…” But Smelly Cat is actually a brand of dental chews designed to freshen breath and reduce fecal odor in cats. The ingredients in this product have been studied for their ability to suppress odor-causing chemicals in the intestines. These tasty dental chews deodorize and remove toxins leaving your cat with fresher breath and with a less offensive litter box. Zen Pet Supplies carries dental kits that have the basic supplies you’ll need like a toothbrush, toothpaste and tools with nylon tips that clean between the teeth while rubber massagers reduce plaque and tartar. Dental kits for cats are a great way to get the basic tools you need all in one convenient set. Please check out all of the cat dental products available now at Zen Pet Supplies.