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Cat Containment Systems

You want to do everything in your power to keep your cat safe and protected while he's at home and outside around your house. Zen Pet Supplies has cat containment supplies and equipment that will allow you to keep your precious feline friend close to home and out of harm's way. Underground fences work very well to keep pets contained in a specific area, and they are actually very easy to install.
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With an underground fence from Zen Pet Supplies, your cat simply wears a collar and a variety of tones and vibrations are emitted to let your cat know when he's headed out of bonds. Underground fences work by providing your cat the appropriate amount of correction to keep him safe and in your yard, and the high-tech collar has a special stretch section for your cat's safety so you won't have to worry if he gets caught on something.

Indoor cat barriers work much the same way and keep your cat contained in a pre-determined area. When your cat heads out of the restricted area, a harmless tone or vibration will be emitted to your cat's collar, and he will know it's time to move back a bit. Zen Pet Supplies has the cat containment products you need to keep all of your cats safe and protected inside and outside your home.