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You certainly have come to the right place if you're shopping for high-quality, affordable, durable cat carriers sure to last for many years. Zen Pet Supplies has a good selection of cat carriers for virtually all sizes of cats, and our cat carriers come in some very interesting, different shapes. Some of our carriers are soft and bendable while others are made of plastic and maintain their square (or rectangular) shape, but regardless of whether their exterior is hard or soft, all cat carriers from Zen Pet Supplies are durable, sturdy and attractive. They come in various colors and have all the features you need to make traveling with your cat easy and stress free. There are pockets to carry water bottles, bowls, food, treats, a collar and anything else you’ll need while traveling with your feline companion. The outer mesh material on the top and sides of many of Zen's cat carriers allow you to see your pet and allow her to see the world around her, which helps ease stress while traveling. If you don't see a cat carrier you love, please check back soon because we update our pet product inventory on a regular basis.
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I-GO2 Sport Pet Carrier
Retail Price: $64.94
Sales Price: $49.95
Savings: $14.99
Park Avenue Pet Carrier & Car Seat
Retail Price: $59.94
Sales Price: $52.45
Savings: $7.49
I GO2 Escort Pet Carrier
Retail Price: $71.94
Sales Price: $62.95
Savings: $8.99
I GO Plus Traveler Pet Carrier
Retail Price: $131.94
Sales Price: $115.45
Savings: $16.49
Regardless of the size or shape, Zen Pet Supplies cat carriers were designed and manufactured with comfort and ease of use for humans in mind. The padded interiors will keep your cat comfortable and safe even on long trips by car or plane, and the carriers that have straps and wheels make it very easy for pet owners to transport their furry friends free of hassle. If you have a larger cat that’s not easy to carry, you’ll absolutely love the cat carriers with wheels. Many of our cat carriers serve more than one purpose, so you'll save money by purchasing a product with multiple uses. Many of our cat carriers come with removable pads that are easy to wash, and you’ll love the numerous color choices you get with many of the styles we currently carry at Zen Pet Supplies.

For people who travel by plane often, you’re sure to find a cat carrier that meets airline specifications. All airlines have specific size requirements for pet carriers taken into the cabin area, and if you choose to fly your pet in the cargo area, our heavy-duty carriers will keep your pet safe as she is moved from plane to plane or from the plane to the luggage/cargo pick-up area. Before choosing a cat carrier for air travel from Zen Pet Supplies, be sure to check the airline’s website for its size requirements; take it from us, you will not be allowed on a plane unless your pet's carrier meets the airlines' very strict size requirements. The durable plastic exteriors and spring-latch doors on many of our cat carriers keep her securely in place, so you can both enjoy your travels and know you’ll arrive safe and sound. Please check out all of the cat carriers available now at Zen Pet Supplies.