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Cages for Mice

Are you considering adding a new pet to the family but don’t know if you want another dog, cat, or more fish? Well, how about a mouse or two or three or four? If you have children older than five or no children at all, a pet mouse may be the perfect addition to your growing family. It’s recommended that children under the age of five not handle pet mice for reasons including safety mainly; unfortunately, children can be too rough with mice (not realizing it, of course) and can accidentally injure or kill them. Pet mice must have attention on a daily basis in order to thrive, so if you’re looking for a companion that can go a day or two without any interaction with you, then pet mice would not be the best pet for you. These adorable guys will love interacting with you, and the more you hold them and interact with them, the stronger your bond will be. If you’re squeamish about rodents, please don’t consider keeping mice because even though they’re cute, they are rodents. Zen Pet Supplies carries a number of colorful, interesting, and affordable mice cages in our online store.
We don’t want to give you the impression that you absolutely cannot bring pet mice home if you have little children. It’s just that if you do have children, the adults in the home will have to be diligent about making sure the children know how to handle the mice. Also, mice can get out of their cages if the cages are not properly secured, and lost mice can be very stressful. Mice are small, agile and FAST little creatures. Little kids—due to not having developed fine motor skills yet—may accidentally drop mice, squeeze them too hard or scare them, which could cause the mouse to bite, jump and take off. As much as we want you to adopt as many mice as you can handle, give it some consideration if you have small children in the home.

When you’re ready to commit to bringing home a pet mouse or two, be sure to set up the habitat before the arrival of the mice. You’ll want to stock up on everything you’ll need so there’s no rushing around after you bring home the mice. After all, you certainly just can’t let mice roam free until you have set up the cage for them. We carry mice cages in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, so we are pretty sure you’ll find one or more ideal for the number of pet mice you have. Your mice will have a field day in these cool cages with multiple levels, wheels to run on, ramps, stairs and other fun features to keep your mice happy, healthy, and active throughout their lifespan. You and your family will get tons of enjoyment and entertainment out of watching your pet mice play in their cages. Be sure to do some research online before buying mice cages so you can see what is recommended for the number of mice you have and how many should be in one cage, etc. If you know someone who has experience caring for rodents, be sure to ask for some help if you’re not sure what to order from Zen Pet Supplies. You can send any questions our way, and we’ll see what we can do to help you.