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Bolt on Bird Perches

One of the best parts about being a caretaker of birds is setting up his new home in your home, and we recommend you get your bird’s cage all ready before his arrival. Setting up your pet’s habitat in your home before his arrival will eliminate stress for you and your pet because you can’t just let him fly around while you get his cage ready. Preparing your bird’s habitat is a lot of fun, it’s something the whole family can participate in, and it’s something that you can spend weeks, months and years doing. Bolt-on bird perches are easy to attach and stay secure in your bird’s cage, so you don’t have to worry about the perch coming loose and causing harm to your pet. Branch perches are hugely popular, and your bird will thank you for providing him a variety of cool perches to hop around on throughout the day. Please check out the variety of bird cage perches available now at Zen Pet Supplies.
Because birds spend almost all of their time on their feet even while sleeping, perches are a must have for your bird cage, regardless of the type of bird you own. Think of perches as a human’s shoes, so they need to be comfortable, and just as you seek out comfy shoes, you need to find comfortable perches for your birds. Birds also use perches to rub their beaks on to remove pieces of food. In our current inventory, we carry a number of perches that are easy to clean, comfortable and made of the proper materials to prevent foot problems. Our perches also come in a variety of diameter measurements to suit all sizes of birds. You’ll find perches that are stationary and ones that swing, and our bolt-on perches allow for easy attachment and security. You don’t have to worry about your bird falling from an unstable perch when you choose from our large selection of bolt-on perches.

All cage items, including perches, should be selected knowing that birds like to chew, shred, and destroy things, and therefore items will often need to be replaced. We carry a number of perches under $20, so if you want to get more than one or if you find you need a replacement perch due to wear and tear, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank. Your bird will be thrilled when he jumps from perch to perch, and you’ll find we carry perches in small, medium and large sizes, so regardless of the size of your bird and cage, you should be able to find one or more perches that will work perfectly in your bird cage. We update our inventory on a regular basis, so if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, please check back soon.