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Bird Warmers

Cold air is a major contributor to health problems in birds, so it's important to keep your bird warm at all times. Many bird species, especially exotic ones, are used to warm temperatures, so as a bird owner, it's important that you create the type of environment that particular species requires in your home. Zen Pet Supplies carries a number of bird warmers that provide a consistent source of heat for your bird throughout the day and night.
Bird warmers easily attach to your bird's cage, and they are powered using low voltage electricity that is harmless to your bird. Reduce your bird's stress level by keeping his environment at a comfortable temperature. Bird warmers from Zen Pet Supplies are a safe, reliable, easy way to keep your bird's environment set at the temperature ideal for his species.

With a bird warmer from Zen Pet Supplies, you need not keep your home near 80 degrees to keep your bird healthy and happy. You can set your home's thermostat at a temperature that's comfortable for your family while keeping your bird cozy and warm at the same time.