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Pet Bird Toys

An entertained bird is a happy bird. An entertained bird is a healthy bird. It’s our job as bird caretakers to make sure we provide plenty of mental and physical stimulation for our pet birds. These fascinating creatures are highly intelligent, energetic, playful and curious, so it’s very important to provide our avian friends a lot of opportunity for play and intellectual and physical challenges. Birds get bored quickly and easily, so we recommend keeping a large collection of pet bird toys in your home to change out over time. Your bird will be thrilled when new toys are added to his cage, and with so many toys to choose from, you’re sure to find several that will provide your beloved feathered pet the variety he craves. Please be sure to check out all the toys for birds available right here on the Zen Pet Supplies website. We offer a large price range to suit virtually any budget, and your pet will thank you for providing him new toys on a regular basis.
  • Plastic and Acrylic

    Keep your feathery friend active and stimulated, with a wide variety of plastic and acrylic bird toys from Zen Pet Supplies.
  • Rope and Feather

    Rope bird toys are proven to be very beneficial in solving feather picking problems. Help keep your bird healthy and feathery.
  • Rubber

    Promote your bird's innate foraging habits and stuff any of these rubber bird toys, with their favorite treat.
  • Wood

    A nice trim beak is key to a happy healthy feathered friend. Pick up a top quality wood bird toy from Zen Pet Supplies.
When pet birds become bored, they become destructive. Just as with humans, idle hands are the devil’s workshop, and a bored bird will exhibit destructive behaviors to himself and his surroundings. When a house bird is looking for something to do, he will chew, gnaw on or explore any object or material he can get his claws or beak on. Bird toys ideal for their particular species are essential in preventing your feathered friends from becoming bored, restless, stressed and aggressive. Your life will be much more peaceful if your pet has plenty of toys to choose from and if those toys are switched out on a regular basis.

In our current inventory, you will find rope and feather toys, acrylic toys, plastic toys, rubber toys and wooden toys. Before choosing some toys for your pet bird, do some research online to see what is recommended for your particular species of bird, and it’s always helpful to ask an experienced avian caretaker what he/she suggests for your bird, especially if you are a first-time bird owner. Buying toys online for your pet is so much fun. You can just click away on all the toys you think your bird will love and then sit back and wait for your packages to arrive. You will get lots of enjoyment from watching your bird play with his different toys, and you’ll soon learn how extremely intelligent and inquisitive birds are. They love the challenge of a new toy, especially one that requires some thought and effort. Please check out the large variety of pet bird toys available now at Zen Pet Supplies’ online store.