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Bird Cages, Perches, Heaters and More!

More and more people are learning about the joys of bird ownership; birds are fairly independent and easy to care for. Birds are one of the pets that require the least amount of maintenance. Unlike cats and dogs, you don’t have to worry about the responsibility of walking them or keeping them active. Here, you’ll find all of the supplies you need to care for your feathered friend, including the items you didn’t know you needed! Shop for the best home for your bird with Zen Pets stock of birdcages for any type of domesticated bird you can think of.
  • Baby Birds

    Do you have a baby bird and need products to help give them a healthy start on life?  Shop and save on baby bird products.
  • Bedding

    Create a protected environment that keeps your bird warm even in  drafty areas or seasonal weather.  Shop and save on bird bedding.
  • Bird Cages

    Good bird cages will stimulate your bird physically and intellectually; the size of the cage is one of the most important aspect of choosing the right cage.

  • Boxes and Carriers

    Moving or need to transport your bird?  Shop now and save on affordable bird carriers from Zen Pet Supplies.  
  • Cage Cleaner

    Clean and deodorize bird cages.  Naturally remove tough caked-on debris. Eliminate embedded, strong cage odors.  No masking fragrances.
  • Cage Liners

    Our bird cage liners are super absorbent.  They will keep your feathered friends home comfortable and smelling like new.
  • Chicken Coops

    Be sure to shop online at Zen Pet Supplies for everything you need to keep your pet chickens comfortable, safe and happy all year long.

  • Feeding and Watering Bowls / Cups

    Give your bird quality feeding and watering products from Zen.  Our bird dishes are safe, secure and meant to last.
  • Food

    Shop and save on the highest quality Millet, Seed and Pellets.  Give your bird friend the best start on life.  
  • Gravel Paper

    Ensure optimum nutrition and overall good health. Our gravel paper is for all birds and protects cages for easy clean-up.
  • Health and Wellness

    Keep your birds happy and healthy year round.  Save on grooming aids, vitamins, supplements, millet sprays and more.
  • Ladders

    Sturdy, comfortable and durable.  Our ladders are built to last.  Keep your feathered friend active by promoting a fun environment.
  • Perches

    Because birds spend so much time on their feet, good quality bird perches are a necessary part of their environment.

  • Playpens

    Designed to last, our bird playpens have a hardwood base with laminate top, climbing steps, toy, top perch and treat cup.
  • Scrubbers / Brushes

    Shop now and save on our wire bar & grate brush.   Part of complete line of cleaning tools.   Comfort grip handle.   Durable materials.   Great for small animal and bird cage cleaning.
  • Skirts and Seed Guards

    The mesh seed catcher is designed to fit cages of all sizes. Washable nylon mesh in 4 colors, green , blue, black or white.   Heavy duty elastic fit.
  • Swings

    Shop our complete line of bird swings designed to meet the everyday needs of birds and their humans. Shop now and save big!
  • Toys

    Our bird toys are ideal for stimulating your birds mind.  Our toys are designed to last for hours.  Ideal for small, medium and large birds.
  • Treats

    Give your bird a healthy and delicious treat that encourage a healthy and long life.  Shop now and save on bird treats.
  • UVB Lighting

    UVB allows birds to synthesize vitamin D3 in their skin.   Help your bird curb feather picking and other destructive behaviors.
  • Warmers

    Keep your bird happy, healthy and warm with a bird warmer from Zen Pet Supplies.

  • Waste Scoops

    Cleaning your birds cage doesn't have to be messy business.  Comfort grip handle.   Durable materials.   Great for small animal and bird cage cleaning.
  • Wild Bird

    Provide wild birds with healthy seed for their feeding stations. Our wild bird products are the traditional choice of many wild bird enthusiasts.

Zen Pet has birdcages in a variety of styles and sizes for Cockatiels, Parakeets, Keets, Canaries, and Finches. We even have pet supplies for chickens! For an eco-friendly way of transporting your bird around, shop in our wide selection of plain and decorative animal carriers that come in bulk of 50 to 300 a pack—this is perfect for pet stores. For tropical birds, we have UVB lighting and warmers to make them feel like they’re perched in their own climate. Keep your bird’s living quarters clean with proper with bird bedding, bird cages, and cage liners. Choose from a selection of bird perches that bolt on, that are loose, pre-packaged, and even heated. You can also shop for the right type of food for your bird whether your pet bird prefers millets, pellets, seeds, or vegetables and fruit. Zen Pet has the bird food you’re looking for; and who doesn’t like toys? Have fun surprising your bird with a variety of bird toys that will keep your feathered friend occupied for hours.

Until you've lived with a companion bird, you may not realize the numerous benefits bird ownership brings. For instance, birds have a very long lifespan, and many companion birds, such as the parrot, tend to out outlive their owners; however, with dogs and cats, you often have to deal with the grief of losing your beloved pet.

Playing with pets has been shown to lower stress levels, and interacting with a companion bird has the same effect as playing with your dog or cat. If you've never considered owning a bird, do some research and learn why so many people are choosing companion birds to be their family pet.