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Bird Perches

Because birds spend so much time on their feet, good quality bird perches are a necessary part of their environment. Whether your bird stays in his cage all day or is allowed to fly about a room, he must have access to perches to rest and observe his surroundings. Zen Pet Supplies has a number of bird perches from which to choose, and many are thermostatically controlled providing a constant source of warmth for your fine feathered friends. Because cold is a major contributor to health problems in birds, especially exotic birds, it's important to provide your birds with a consistent heat source throughout the day.
  • Bolt on Type

    The unique shape of the perches provides excellent foot exercise and the hard coating keeps beaks and nails trimmed.
  • Loose

    Designed to meet the everyday needs of birds and their humans. They contain everything to keep their fine feathered friends feeling fabulous.
Bird perches from Zen Pet Supplies are made from sturdy scratch and bite-resistant plastic, so you know your bird will not be able to destroy the perch. Many bird perches are irregularly shaped, which provides your bird the orthopedic support he needs. Foot cramping and pressure sores do not occur when your bird stands atop bird perches from Zen Pet Supplies.