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Bird Cage Gravel Paper

Have you decided to add a bird to your family? If so, congratulations on entering into the wonderfully exciting world of pet caretaking! You have made a great choice as birds make amazing pets. These fascinating winged creatures will be with you and your family for many, many years as birds are known for their long lifespans—some species will live as long as 80 years! Owning birds is a big commitment but it’s one that will bring you much enjoyment. They are fascinating to watch, they’re highly intelligent and energetic, and setting up their habitat is a fun process the whole family can enjoy. Adding to your bird’s cage environment is something that goes on throughout his lifespan, and you will never tire of finding new and interesting equipment and supplies to add to his cage. One product you can find at Zen Pet Supplies’ online store today is bird cage gravel paper, which serves a number of different purposes.
If you’re a first-time bird owner, you may not be exactly sure what to put in your bird’s cage, but that’s ok, because one of the most enjoyable aspects of pet ownership is learning about your bird’s needs. The bottom of all bird cages must be lined with something to keep your bird safe and healthy. Bird cage liners (in this case, gravel paper) collect things that fall to the bottom of the change, and they help to make cleaning the cage easier. By changing the bottom of your bird cage on a regular basis, you will provide your pet bird the clean, safe, healthy habitat he needs to thrive. A dirty bird cage makes for an unpleasant living environment for your bird, and it makes your life more difficult. With regular cage cleanings, you will keep your bird happy and safe, and you will minimize the number of large messes you have to clean. Gravel paper keeps your bird’s beak and claws trimmed, aids in digestion and even adds calcium to your bird’s diet. It’s usually made with sea shells (even oyster shells) and is safe, clean and sanitary for all types of birds.

Bird cage gravel paper is one of the most highly recommended substrates for birds. What is substrate? It’s just a fancy word for what lines the bottom of any animal’s habitat. Just as you need to line the bottom of a reptile’s terrarium, or a fish’s aquarium, you need to line the bottom of your bird’s cage, and that’s where gravel paper comes in. The gravel paper we carry lies flat, and it helps you to monitor your bird’s health because it allows you to see your bird’s droppings and how much food is not being consumed. The gravel paper in our current inventory is extremely inexpensive (under $5) and comes in different sizes including 11” x 17”, 9” x 15” and 8” x 13”. Regardless of the size of bird cage you own, you should be able to find gravel paper that fits perfectly. You can even trim the paper to fit the specific shape of your cage, and our gravel paper is designed for easy cleaning and replacement. Regardless of the type of bird(s) you have, we recommend lining your cage with the durable, inexpensive, high-quality gravel papers available now at Zen Pet Supplies.