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Bird Bedding

Whether you own a large bird or a tiny parakeet, it’s important to provide your pet the comfortable, safe bedding he needs. Most bird species that are brought into a home as a pet will grow accustomed to your schedule in no time at all, so it’s important to know that your pet bird will eventually sleep on a similar schedule as you. But regardless of when your feathered friend catches his zzzzz’s, you need to provide bedding that’s suitable for his cage and his species. You have to do a bit of homework to know which type of bedding is best for your type of bird, and there are bedding materials you want to avoid because they can be dangerous to our feathered pets. Please check out the bird bedding selection online at Zen Pet Supplies today, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please check back again soon as we update our inventory on a regular basis.
Your bird’s bedding material must be changed on a daily basis to ensure your bird’s living quarters are clean and free of bacteria. You must do this to promote good health for your pet, and it doesn’t take long at all to take the dirty bedding materials and replace them with nice, clean ones creating a lovely environment for your pet bird. When shopping for bird bedding, you must avoid these materials: cedar shavings, walnut shells, corncobs, pine shavings, and cat litter. Corncobs are especially dangerous as they may swell and cause life-threatening blockages in the digestive system if your bird consumes them. Even if they aren't ingested, corncobs will absorb moisture from the surrounding environment, which may result in mold and mildew growth inside your bird’s environment. This makes for very unpleasant living quarters.

Make sure you choose the right bedding for your type of bird. Just because a type of bedding is available, does not mean it’s right for your particular bird. A very good, easy-to-acquire material to use in your bird’s cage is paper, which can be found here; this serves to line the cage and provide a cushion. For bedding materials, paper towels or even old newspaper work great until you can purchase proper bedding material from Zen Pet Supplies’ online store. If you do choose to use paper towels while you await the arrival of your bird’s bedding, be sure to choose paper towels with no print or design on them. Be sure to read the product description of the items on our bird bedding page, so you don’t inadvertently choose the wrong product. You will find some small pet bedding items here that don’t work well in birdcages, so be sure to choose the proper bedding suggested for your particular type of bird. Please let us know if you need help finding something, and if you are looking for a particular type of bird bedding and cannot find it here, please check back soon.