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Turtle / Tortoise Bedding

As you read through our product pages for pet reptiles, you will see a word used quite often—vivarium. A vivarium is simply any area that is typically enclosed and houses animals for observation, research or enjoyment. On the Zen website, we will use the word terrarium, most often, but when we do use “vivarium,” please remember it’s just an umbrella term for all types of habitat. Here, we are going to focus on the best turtle and tortoise bedding for a vivarium, and we’re also going to take a look at some beddings you should avoid. You will also see the word “substrate” used here often, and this term refers to anything substance or materials that line the bottom of the habitat. Whether you have pet turtles, tortoises, snakes, frogs, hermit crabs, lizards or bearded dragons, you’ll find all the different types of bedding they like right here at the Zen Pet Supplies’ online store. As with any pet, we encourage you to research your particular species to ensure you choose the right type of bedding for your turtles/tortoises.
We carry a number of high-quality, eco-friendly reptile bedding products sure to make a great resting place for your pet turtle or tortoise. Our turtle products provide an organic and natural living habitat for terrarium animals, and many of our products are perfect for habitats that are of the tropical or rain forest type for animals that burrow. If you browse our reptile bedding pages and find different types of carpet bedding for reptiles, you can rest assured knowing the carpet in our inventory is safe for you turtles and tortoises, and it’s easy to wash, which makes clean up super easy for you.

Various types of pets require different types of substrate, so this will require some research as you want to get the perfect substrate for your turtle or tortoise. You can also speak to an experienced reptile owner to learn more about the type of bedding and substrate your pet will need. As with any pet, we recommend that you set up the habitat before his arrival. It’s just too stressful to run around and get everything you need after your pet has arrived. In our current inventory, we carry a number of different bedding and substrate material including turf carpet, Douglas Fir chips, other tree bark chips, ground walnut shells, clay, coconut fibers, sand, and a number of different types of moss, including sphagnum moss, which is an extremely popular choice amongst reptile owners. Please check out the various forms of turtle and tortoise bedding available today at Zen Pet Supplies.