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Turtle Bedding

Turtles and tortoises have grown in popularity as pets because of many reasons. Their cuteness may be the number one reason, but they are relatively low maintenance, and once their habitat is set up properly, you don’t have to do a whole lot to maintain it. As with other reptiles and amphibians, lighting and temperature are two of the primary concerns in keeping a pet turtle’s environment safe and healthy. Once you have learned how to set up and maintain the proper temperature and level of humidity, you will then be able to add fun accessories for your pet turtle to enjoy in his new home away from home. Bedding and food are two other important considerations for your pet turtle, and we have everything you need for your pet turtle’s home right here in one place. We encourage you to do some research online as there are plenty of websites filled with information about how to care for different species of pet turtle. Be sure to get all the supplies you need including bedding for turtles right here on the Zen Pet Supplies’ website.
We carry a many different high-quality, eco-friendly turtle bedding products sure to make a great resting and sleeping place for your precious, adorable pet turtle. Our turtle products provide an organic and natural living habitat for terrarium animals, and many of our products are specifically designed for habitats that are of the tropical or rain forest type for animals that burrow. If you browse our reptile/amphibian pages and find different types of carpet bedding for reptiles, you’ll know that carpet is safe because all of our products are safe.The bedding for turtles we carry here at Zen is easy to wash making for a quick job for you when it’s time to clean up after your little guy or gal.

Various types of pets require different types of substrate (a word used to describe the materials that line the bottom of his habitat), so this will require some research as you want to get the perfect substrate and bedding for your turtle. You can also speak to an experienced reptile owner to learn more about the type of bedding and substrate your pet turtle will need. As with any pet, we recommend that you set up the habitat before his arrival. It’s just too stressful to run around and get everything you need after your pet has arrived. In our current inventory, we carry a number of different turtle bedding and substrate material including turf carpet, ground coconut husk, other tree bark chips, ground walnut shells, alfa meal, clay, coconut fibers, Red Cypress chips, and a number of different types of moss; moss is a very popular choice amongst reptile owners for bedding and substrate and the animals sure to seem to enjoy it! Please check out the various types of affordable turtle bedding available today at Zen Pet Supplies.