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Bedding for Lizards and Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons make wonderful pets, and more and more people are choosing this reptile for many reasons. Here, we’re going to offer some basic information about bearded dragons and their habitat, and when you’re ready to commit to adding one to your family, you’ll be prepared to set up a proper environment for your new companion. There are nine different species of bearded dragons, all of which are found in Australia, which is their natural habitat. The bearded dragon's scientific name is Pogona Vitticeps; they are medium-sized lizards that are typically 12”-24” in length from their head to the tip of their tail. They come in a variety of colors, which will indicate what type of environment they came from. Be sure to set up your dragon’s habitat before his arrival, so you have what you need to make his transition to your home safe and comfortable. Please check out bearded dragon bedding and other supplies you’ll need for its habitat at Zen Pet Supplies’ online store.
First introduced to the U.S. in the 1990’s, bearded dragons have increased in popularity in recent years because they are gentle by nature and are rarely, if ever, aggressive toward humans. Bearded dragons don’t attack when they feel threatened; instead, they freeze, puff out their throat and may change colors. They also make good pets because they’re fairly easy to take care of, and they enjoy being handled by humans. While they may squirm at first, they will eventually recognize you as their caretaker and will relax and perch on your body in no time at all.

You will house your bearded dragon in a tank (terrarium) that suits their size and needs, and because this will be his home for several years, you want to create an environment that resembles his natural habitat as much as possible. That’s where we come in. We have a number of the supplies you’ll need to create his new home away from home, and bedding/substrate is a must. Substrate refers to any substances or materials that line the bottom of a terrarium. The best substrate for bearded dragons is lightweight, easy to clean, and safe. Please do some research online to find out which type of bedding is most recommended for your particular species of bearded dragon. Here, you will find a variety of different bedding and substrate material including turf carpet, Douglas Fir chips, other tree bark chips, ground walnut shells, clay, coconut fibers, sand, and a number of different types of moss, including the very popular sphagnum moss. The bedding for bearded dragons available at Zen Pet Supplies comes in a large range of prices starting as low as under $5. Please check out the dragon bedding and other reptile supplies in our current inventory today.