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Automatic Fish Feeders for your Aquarium

The aquarium automatic feeder attaches easily to any size aquarium and accurately dispenses food so you don't have to. In addition to offering the peace of mind, the aquarium automatic feeder comes with a second food drum at no extra charge! Why stress yourself out about forgetting to feed your fish when you can have a safe, accurate and reliable automatic feeder feed them for you!
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2000PFM.jpg 2000PFM Ergo Outdoor Pet / Pond Feeder
Retail Price: $262.07
Sales Price: $201.59
Savings: $60.48
It's a fact that life gets hectic sometimes, and if you work, have a family and are constantly on the run, it's easy to forget to feed your fish. But with an aquarium automatic feeder from Zen Pet Supplies, you will never have to worry about feeding the little guys ever again!

When it comes time for vacation or if, for some reason, you are physically unable to feed your fish on a regular basis, an aquarium automatic feeder saves the day. A battery-operated automatic feeder is set to dispense flake fish food twice a day for up to four weeks! If you travel a lot or just can't seem to remember to feed your fish, your problem is solved. No need to call friends or family to stop by and feed your fish ever again.