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Aquatic Chillers for Fish

Before bringing home fish, you want to get the tank all set up so it’s ready for your new fish. As with all pets, it’s always much less stressful to have your pets’ new home ready for their arrival. It also helps you to not have to run out at the last minute to stock up on supplies you didn’t even know you needed. If you’re an experienced fish caretaker, you know that different species of fish require different water temperatures. If you’re a novice fish caretaker, you must learn what type of habitat your particular species of fish requires. Caring for fish, while extremely fun and rewarding, does require a bit of homework on your part because if fish are placed in a habitat that is not designed to match their natural habitat identically, they may succumb. For this reason, you must learn if you need to purchase an aquatic chiller, best known as a fish tank chiller, for your particular type of fish. Zen Pet Supplies has a great selection of different types of fish tank chillers available now.
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Some fish species, especially marine fish, require a constant water temperature, so the correct mixture of aquarium chillers and aquarium heaters can be used to get their water temperature exactly right. You need a fish tank chiller to regularly monitor the water temperature. If your fish require cool water, allowing the water temperature to rise will increase the metabolism of the fish; higher water temperatures can also decrease the oxygen levels in the tank, and the combination of these two factors will cause problems as oxygen levels reach a dangerously low level. You definitely don’t want this to happen, and the best way to prevent this from happening is to purchase a fish tank chiller from Zen Pet Supplies.

The most common types of fish tank chillers work by a probe placed in the water that also cools the water to a certain level that is set by the chiller. Other models may be hooked up in-line to the hoses of the filters, but the basic principles of the different types of aquatic chillers are the same. Some fish tank chillers have a compartment that houses refrigeration gases, and as these gases are compressed they will heat up. The heat is removed from the unit by a fan of some sort and then dispersed into the atmosphere. The gas then expands in a valve (commonly referred to as an expansion valve), and as it expands, it actually has the opposite effect to it being compressed and it cools down. The cooler gas is then passed though the probe (if your chiller has the probe). In other types of chillers, series of coils lower the water temperature; the water is passed over the coils for this to occur. High-quality fish tank chillers are worth the investment especially if you’ve been struggling to keep your water temperature at the correct level. Zen Pet Supplies carries a number of well-designed, well-built, reliable fish tank chillers that will run for many years if taken care of properly.