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Aquarium Water Conditioners

Aquarium water conditioners are necessary to keep the water in your fish tank safe for your fish. Tap water from the kitchen sink is contains chlorine or chloramine, which is a combination of chlorine and ammonia. These keep bacteria and other unsafe microorganisms out of our water so it's safe to drink and shower with. At the levels found in tap water, chlorine and chloramine are no threat to humans, mammals or other animals, but their levels are high enough to be toxic to fish and will interfere with the filtration systems of many aquariums. Aquarium water conditioners are a must-have to make the water in your fish’s aquarium safe for fish to swim and breathe. There are basically three types of water conditioners for fish tanks: 1) Dechlorinators, which remove chlorine. 2) Chloramine neutralizers, which remove the chlorine and ammonia in your tank and detoxify heavy metals. And 3) complete conditioners, which take care of the chlorine, ammonia, heavy metals, and copper. Zen Pet Supplies has a very large selection of aquarium water conditioners available today.

Each type of aquarium water conditioner we carry has very specific instructions, so if you have used conditioners in the past, be sure to read the instructions on your new water conditioner because the directions may be different than what you’re used to. Why is it so important to remove chloramine and similar substances from your fish’s aquarium? Chloramine is an invisible compound that fish take in through their gills into their bloodstream. When exposed to chloramine, fish will experience stress, damaged & burned gills, erratic behavior and will even attempt to jump out of the aquarium. Fish suffer horribly when they are exposed to chloramine. If you see fish gasping at the water surface, they may be suffering from chloramine poisoning, so you must put a water conditioner in the water immediately. Because chloramine has most likely killed the beneficial bacteria in the substrate and filter, you should move all of your fish to an aquarium that has been treated with a water conditioner and has beneficial bacteria.

Another reason you must purchase water conditioners for your fish aquariums is due to the dangers associated with excessive levels of unsafe metals like lead, zinc, and copper. A small amount of these metals is required for normal metabolic activity, but too much of any of these metals can be harmful to your fish. Experienced fish caretakers will tell you that water quality is the most important part of taking care of your fish’s aquarium. Water conditioning of aquarium water can be learned from an experienced fish owner or you can do your own research by visiting reputable websites about aquarium management. Please check out the water conditioning products at Zen Pet Supplies today.