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UV Sterilizers for Fish Aquariums

  • Bulbs

    UV replacement bulbs ensure the continual elimination of microscopic organisms that are free floating in the water. Keep your fish safe and healthy.
  • Filters

    A UV sterilizer filter is very important for your aquarium, to ensure harmful bacteria and microorganisms are wiped out. Be sure your fish are protected.
  • Lamps

    Replacement lamps for your UV sterilizer should be switched out regularly to make sure your aquarium is in tip top shape.
  • Parts

    Zen Pet Supplies has a large selection of UV sterilizer replacement parts, to help you maintain your aquarium's health.
  • Replacement Cartridges

    A dirty filter cartridge reduces the filter's efficiency and could harm your fish. Be sure to replace your UV sterilizers cartridge routinely.
  • Sleeves

    Replacing a dirty or damaged quartz sleeve will help the UV light optimally sterilize your aquarium or pond. Maintain your fish's ecosystem.  
  • Sterilizers

    Choose from a large selection of UV sterilizers for saltwater aquariums and make sure harmful bacteria and microorganisms are kept at bay.