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Aquarium and Decoration Sealers / Adhesives

If you’re a fairly inexperienced fish owner, you may be blown away by the number of aquarium supplies, products and equipment you see on our website. Don’t be overwhelmed! Setting up and maintaining a fish aquarium is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding things you will ever do, and you don’t need every single product you see in a pet store or on a website (we would LOVE for you to buy everything, but we know some products are optional and some are not). As you gain more experience with your aquarium, you will realize what pieces of equipment are necessary and which pieces are optional. One of the coolest aspects of being an aquarist is that you can custom design your fish aquarium to be as simple or as complex as you like. You can start out small and as you grow your fish family, you can add to your tank, and if you’re an experienced aquarist, you can find add items as you increase the size and complexity of your aquarium. One product you will want to consider is an aquarium sealer or adhesive, both of which are available right here on the Zen Pet Supplies website. We think this is a necessary product to have on hand because you never know when your tank will need an adhesive or sealant of some sort.

Aquarium sealers and adhesives serve a number of purposes, and you’ll soon learn just how invaluable these little gems are. Our high-quality sealants will keep your aquarium water tight, and you can choose from specially formulated aquarium silicone or quick and easy bond sticks that allow you to safely install various aquarium accessories as you grow your tank. We carry 100% silicone aquarium sealant that’s waterproof (of course!) and super easy to apply, making it ideal for fixing leaks in no time at all. There’s nothing worse than a leak in an aquarium because it can cause a huge mess and endanger your fish, especially if you’re not home and don’t notice the leak for a while. The high strength silicone in these products creates a permanent seal that won’t crack or shrink, and because it’s non-toxic, it’s ideal for all aquariums. For standard aquariums, you can use clear sealant, and for black aquariums, you’ll find black sealant.

Clear silicone is a multi-purpose adhesive and sealant that creates a waterproof, protective seal ideal for metal, glass, tile, rubber and porcelain. Its durable design makes it highly effective for bonding and repairing both saltwater and freshwater aquariums, although it’s not recommended for aquariums that hold more than 30 gallons of water or have water greater than 46 centimeters in height. Some of the most popular adhesives and sealants in our current inventory cure in five minutes and fully bond within 24 hours of application. It just doesn’t get more effective than that when it comes to aquarium sealants, and we carry the most trusted names in aquarium products. If you’re looking for a specific type of sealant or adhesive and don’t see it here, please check back again at a later date as we update our inventory on a regular basis. Zen Pet Supplies takes pride in offering aquarists a large selection of affordable fish tank equipment and products you need as you grow your aquatic family.