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Aquarium Circulation Pumps

If you’re a novice aquarist, you’ll quickly learn the importance of airflow in a fish tank or aquarium. Water circulation is crucial for a number of reasons; water movement helps maintain a healthy habitat for fish and other aquatic life forms. The quick answer to “Why are fish tank circulation pumps so important? is this: Water movement oxygenates the water; maintains even water temperature; promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria; moves to debris to the filter intake area; and provides a current for your fish. Water movement in the aquarium is a key factor in oxygenation of the water; the exchange of oxygen takes place mainly at the surface of the water and it increases in proportion to the degree of water agitation. The more the water moves, the more oxygen is exchanged—which is a good thing. As you read on, you’ll learn more about how fish tank circulation pumps benefit your aquatic habitat. Zen Pet Supplies has some high-quality, affordable, reliable circulation pumps available on our online store.

Fish tank circulation pumps are extremely important because water movement ensures that your fish have sufficient oxygen. If you’re ever not sure if there’s enough oxygenation for your fish, the first step to take is to increase water movement, and this is often the only thing you’ll have to do. If you are planning a new aquarium, make sure you incorporate plenty of water movement from the start, and you can do this by purchasing one of the fish tank circulation pumps on sale now at Zen Pet Supplies. We have a number of different circulation pumps for you to choose from.

Although aquarium circulation pumps of the past were known for making a humming noise, the models in our current inventory feature improved designs that deliver very low noise levels. This type of aquarium circulation pump uses a cover and suction cups to absorb the vibrations created by its motor and propellers. You can set the pump up above or below water with the suction cups. Many of the updated pumps use a secure suction cup system, so you don’t have to worry about them becoming loose, falling, and disturbing your fish, coral or plants. As with all aspects of fish aquarium maintenance, cleaning is a top concern, and these advanced models of circulation pumps are easy to clean with their sealed or encapsulated motor. This is a financial investment that will provide years and years of water movement for your fish and aquatic life forms, and it will provide you many years of enjoyment watching your fish thrive in the habitat you created for them.