Meet the animal lovers behind Zen Pet Supplies, John Knox and Cody C. Buck. Along with seven pet children—three dogs, three ferrets, and a bearded dragon—this budding family resides in beautiful Denver, Colorado.

Founders, John and Cody, are not your typical online retailers. Partners in life, business, and philanthropy, both men are committed to excellence. Because quality is paramount, you will find that this sentiment resonates through every aspect of Zen Pet Supplies.

Quality Matters

Zen was born out of a desire to focus on excellence, coupled with an aspiration to give back—to make the world a better place for animals and their people. The products you find at Zen Pet Supplies were hand-selected by its founders who believe that the quality of a product is just as important as the quality of life for you and your pet.

Zen is here to serve you. Our blog educates animal lovers about creating Zen in their homes—we provide tips for a happier, healthier life for all! Before adding another animal to your family for example, Zen’s blog will help you identify the right fit for your household. Perhaps you are considering a reptile. Do you know how to create the ideal habitat that will allow them to flourish? Zen is here to help.

Giving-Back is a Way of Life

A full 10% of Zen Pet Supplies proceeds each month will be donated to an animal rescue that cares for the most disadvantaged of unwanted animals—the old, sick, scared pets that most people, shelters and even other rescues overlook or can’t afford to help. The underdog.

Zen has relationships with animal rescue organizations throughout the U.S. as well as internationally. Monthly donations will go directly to offset life-saving medical expenses for a foster animal in need. Check out the featured foster page to learn more about this month’s featured animal.

Your Community is Our Community

Knowledge is power. In an effort to help the most animals worldwide, Zen strives to find and support highly impactful, efficient, and compassionate rescue organizations. From Jonesboro, AR to New York, NY or Phuket, Thailand, discarded animals will always need rescue organizations, veterinary clinics, and people like you. Zen’s reach is not limited by geographical boundaries.

If you belong to or know of a rescue organization that helps the underdog, please forward their information to Zen. Rescues that meet our criteria of excellence and community impact will be featured on this site. As an added bonus, they will also receive Zen product discounts for life!

Just the Beginning

We are championing the plight of the underdog and Zen Pet Supplies is just the beginning. Learn more and become inspired by our plans to turn a love for the underdog into a movement to enrich the lives of animals everywhere.

Join us. It will be worth the journey.